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22nd April 2019 

Person- centred counselling based near Warwick and Coventry

About Counselling

After your initial e mail or phone enquiry, I offer an initial session, at a reduced rate, where you have the opportunity to talk in a confidential setting about any issue which might be troubling you, and for us to meet and find out if we can work together effectively.

Counselling sessions usually take place each week and last for 50 minutes. I charge 45 per session.

If you have not been for counselling before it can be quite a daunting prospect, and you may be wondering what to expect?

When life feels very difficult, it can help to talk things through with someone, so we can examine our thoughts and feelings, and discuss our options.

Sometimes it does not feel appropriate to talk to a friend or a family member. Maybe you are feeling alone, low, anxious and under pressure, unable to cope or struggling with relationships or self esteem? Perhaps you feel ‘stuck’ and are unsure about your life?

I cannot offer a quick fix, or wave a magic wand but I do offer a safe, supportive and caring space where you can express your feelings freely in confidence, and be listened to with empathy, without being judged. I will work alongside you, taking my lead from you as you explore your difficulties, and work through the possibilities, and challenges as they appear. If you find it difficult to express yourself in words I can provide pens, pencils, paper to help you explore your feelings.

If it feels appropriate to your needs I can offer energy psychotherapy which can help to shift stuck energy from historical trauma and emotions by focusing on the energy centres in the body.

I acknowledge how difficult it can be to make that first move and decide to make an appointment. If you would like any more information or you would like to make an appointment, please contact me. I can offer daytime and some evening appointments. email

If you decide you would like to work with me we can arrange a convenient time to meet on a regular basis.